Why New Mothers Are Going Back To Cloth Diapering

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Using cloth diapers on a newborn seems like turning back the clock; flashback to a time when our own mothers woke up every 2 hours changing our nappies, clothes and bedsheets.

This seems like an unlikely choice for today’s mothers, who value convenience for themselves and comfort for their babies.

Fortunately, the cloth diapers of today are not the langots that our poor momssuffered with back in the day. Firstly, Advanced Cloth Diapers are leak-proof. Further, they are economical, environment-friendly and free from all the chemicals present in disposable diapers.Not to mention that they are comfortable for babies, who stay dry and sleep well!

What Vogue magazine called a millennial parenting trendback in 2015 has indeed seen growing support in India. But is this merely a passing trend or is it here to stay?Let’s look at what these four moms have to say about their motivation to use Advanced Cloth Diapers.

“Not bought disposables in 2018”

Debashree Pal

Sustainability and passive social activism have somehow become a part of me. My education, family and friends have been a huge influence. My friends and I regularly discuss carbon footprints, public infrastructure, garbage collection, composting, etc. Several of my friends have chosen to not have biological children, as a child is a potential burden on the environment. And although I fully agree to this, I could not shake the desire to experience a life growing inside me.

When I got pregnant, I had decided to cloth diaper as much as possible for the sake of the environment. I had decided to use langots, nappies and cloth diapers all the time. Disposables only when we were going out. And I planned to potty train baby by one year. Well, none of that happened!

After trying a few brands of Advanced Cloth Diapers, I didn’t find that they were good enough to not let pee-poop leak, but not good enough to give me the freedom of mobility that disposables provide.

At that time, I reached out to one brand’s helpline and realized they have a Facebook group too, both of which helped me get the correct fit.

Since that day and today, our stash has only grown and there has been no looking back.All-in-one diapers gave me the freedom that I was looking for. We have not bought any disposables in 2018, except on two occasions when I was too sick to get out of the bed and one time for a wedding where the venue was changing daily.

Here is a video I made about our Advanced Cloth Diapering journey!  click here

“Contents of sanitary napkins and disposable diapers are the same!”

Dimple Amesar Clarke

When I became a mother, the one thing that bothered me the most was spending sleepless nights changing cloth nappies or langots. I would set an alarm of every hour to get up and check if my new-born had peed or pooped. He has been a super heavy wetter right from birth. In need of sleep, after the first month, I turned to disposable diapers for the sheer convenience.

One fine day I got horrible rashes using disposable sanitary napkins while menstruating. I read more and found out that the contents of sanitary napkins and disposable diapers are the same.This turned out to be an eye opener! If I could get rashes using them for just a week, I wondered how my baby felt being in plastic day in and day out!

Now I am a staunch advocate for Advanced Cloth Diapering and help other mothers with their cloth diapering queries for India’s leading Advanced Cloth Diaper brand. My own sonhas been exclusively cloth diapered since he was 2 months(?) old and has never had a diaper rash!

“Those lovely prints on the diapers drive me crazy!”

Monica Anand

From the seventh month of my second pregnancy, I started my search for alternates to disposables diapers.I was worried aboutdiaper rashes and our environment.

Then Igot to know about Advanced Cloth Diapers. We, as Indians, always try and look for imported brands, so I lookedatAmerican brands. Since my cousin lived in the US, I thought I could ask her to order them for me. When I saw the prices, I was dumb struck!I couldn’t ask her to buy them for me or afford to buy them myself.

I found a lot of Indian brands online and was even more confused with the various types of Advanced Cloth Diapers available… cover diapers, all-in-ones, hemp soakers, boosters, and what not! Was it worth buying the expensive ones? What if they went waste?Should I get the economical ones? What if they don’t serve the purpose?

With all these questions unanswered, I joined a few online groups for Advanced Cloth Diapering and started gathering knowledge by reading the various queries posted by Indian moms. Finally, after some trial and error, I settled on the All-in-One style of Advanced Cloth Diapers.

Now no nights are without All-in-Ones for my daughter. During the daytime, we use Cover Diapers. We use cloth diapers while traveling and are planning to use them full-time once my daughter starts walking.

Did I leave anything out? Ah, yes, those lovely prints on the diapers drive me crazy! I really wish they had existed when my son was born 8 years ago!

“Best of both the worlds

Maitreyi Gupta

I didn’t know that Advanced Cloth Diapering was an option until I stumbled across an ad on Facebook while I was pregnant. What attracted me initially were the beautiful designs that the brand had to offer. I purchased the newborn kit, eagerly awaiting the birth of my child.

Once she was born, I tried using them several times but soon got frustrated that they leaked almost every single time!

Disappointed, I joined the Facebook group of an Advanced Cloth Diapering brand with the intent to write some poor reviews. Here, I saw the success stories that other mothers were posting about their cloth diapering experience. I was motivated to take another shot at it.

By following some of the conversations on the group, I understood that Dettol, fabric softeners and detergents with additives must never be used on these diapers because they make the diapers’surface water-repellent. I immediately changed my wash routine and tried to remove traces of these deposits by washing them in hot water several times.

After this, I still a few leaks but once I got the hang of how to create the perfect fit based on the baby’s size, there was no looking back! When my baby outgrew the newborn size, I sold the entire newborn kit to another expectant mother, recovering half my investment.

Now my baby is in the free-size (5 to 17kg). In this size, there are lots of different types of diapers available, but my favorite model is the all-in-two type. I have been using them for over a month and they have never, ever leaked! In fact, I have had a few unfortunate leaking incidents with disposable diapers;the all-in-twos just keep doing their job, day and night, from the first wash.

These are now my choice of gift for any friend who is expecting or has a small baby. I hope that Advanced Cloth Diapering reaches a new audience of mothers. They are way more convenient than langots, and way more economical, environment-friendlyand skin-friendly than disposables; best of both the worlds!

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