Which Cloth Diaper Do I Choose For My Baby?

Congratulations, you have decided to try out Advanced Cloth Diapering! Welcome to a world of skin-friendly, eco-friendly and cute-looking diapers!

But how do you choose which type of Advanced Cloth Diaper is ideal for your baby? This is usually the most confusing part for new parents. Don’t worry, this article will simplify it for you!

All Advanced Cloth Diapers consist of a waterproof shell (outer) and an absorbent soaker (inner) and are held together at the waist with snap buttons or Velcro. However, the difference in the various diapers is in how the inner and outer are attached to each other.

Advanced Cloth Diapers can be classified into two broad categories: One-Part Systems and Two-Part systems. Let’s look at these in more detail.

One-Part System


As the name indicates, an All-in-One diaper is a one-piece diaper which has a waterproof shell permanently sewn to a soaker. The entire unit is washed and reused as it is.

No stuffing, snapping or alignment is required which makes it a great diaper for anyone who is new to cloth diapering, or for dads, grandparents, day-cares or nannies.

All-in-One diapers are very popular because they are easy to put on, just like disposable diapers. They do not need to be disassembled after each use or assembled before using.

These diapers can easily be customised by adding snap-on boosters as well as stuffing a booster in the pocket.

However, it must be kept in mind that All-in-Ones are relatively expensive because of the drying time required. To ensure a continuous supply of clean diapers, one needs to maintain quite a large stash!

[Infographic: All-in-Ones]

Two-Part System

Cover Diapers

The simplest and most economical of all cloth diapers, cover diapers consist of a waterproof shell and removable inserts/soakers/pads. Once the pad is full or soiled, you can change the pad and reuse the cover. Cover diapers are the best choice for newborns, and for day-time diapering of older infants.

Due to the frequent changes associated with newborns, cover diapers make the best choice. New-born size cover diapers sometimes come with a super-soft waterproof outer shell and removable pads. The pads have a dry-feel layer on top that keeps baby’s bum dry. It is always recommended that you limit your investment in newborn diapers since your baby will outgrow them in 4-5 months. A few covers and a set of soakers, and you are good to go!

Cover Diapers have the following benefits:

  1. Cover diapers are versatile.Even if you run out of inserts or pads, you can always fashion one out by folding some old t-shirts or sarees. You can also use pre-folds or any other nappy cloth by adding a dry-feel fleece liner on top to provide the dry feeling on the baby’s skin.
  2. Cover diapers areeconomical. Cover diapers can be reused by replacing soaker and reusing the outer cover. So, you don’t need a lot of covers.
  3. Cover diapers are easy to clean and dry. They can be cleaned up easily by removing the inserts. Covers also take relatively less time to dry, so they can be reused quickly.

[Infographic: Cover Diaper]

Pocket Diapers

A pocket diaper is simply a cover diaper with a shell (pocket) and an insert that is stuffed into the pocket. These are also as versatile as Cover Diapers as any kind of absorbent material can be placed in the pocket. The pockets are usually made of a dry-feel layer so that does need to be added separately.

Pocket Diapers are called beginner’s diapers and are simple for anyone to use, including dads, grandparents, day-cares and nannies.

Pocket diapers have the following benefits:

  1. Pocket Diapers are versatile: Their absorbency can be customized with lots of options for inserts
  2. Pocket Diapers dry quickly:Both the shell and the insert need to be washed after every wear. However, since the shell is quick-drying, it can be reused with a different insert
  3. Pocket Diapers are easy to clean up: Poop never comes into contact with the inserts directly and rinses off easily from the shell.
  4. Pocket Diapers are easy to put on:Once they have been stuffed, Pocket diapers are as easy to put on as disposables or all-in-one diapers. Pockets need to be disassembled before each use and re-stuffed before the next use.

[Infographic: Pocket Diaper]


All-in-two Diapers are a hybrid design that combines the best of all the other types of diapers – the convenience of an All-in-One, the low cost of a Cover Diaper and the versatility of a pocket diaper.

The maindifferentiating feature of an All-in-two diaper is that its soakers (inners) are detachable from the shell (outer). Since soakers take a lot more time to dry than covers, it is possible to wash and re-use the covers with a different set of soakers. Soakers generally cost less than covers, so this turns out to be quite economical.

These diapers can easily be customised by adding snap-on boosters as well as stuffing a booster in the pocket.

Superbottoms has recently launched an All-in-two diaper which is called the Superbottoms Plus Uno. The Uno consists of a waterproof shell with a super-trim shell, soft elastic and one-wash prep soakers that are made of GOTS certified cotton. The dry-feel micro-fleece layer keeps the baby’s bum dry.

No matter which type of Advanced Cloth Diaper you use for your bub, the bottom line is that you will get a cute bottom!

[Infographic: All-in-two]

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